Recover Data From Android Phone Internal Memory

Author: Charles Bartlette
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Recover Data From Android Phone Internal Memory Hello there, Since last couple of weeks, I had been searching internet for some best recovery tools that can recover data from Android phones. I got some, but a very few of these were able to recover files from internal memory of Android Phone. So today, I will be showing you one such software which can recover back entire data from Android Phone internal memory. Let me start the tutorial by taking you to the site "" where you can download this software which is called Remo Android Recovery tool. Before using this software, first connect your phone to the computer. If your phone has Jelly Bean OS version, it may not show up on My computer. For this, you need to enable USB mode on your phone. Different mobile brands have different settings to do this. Once you are done with properly connecting Android phone to your PC, launch this software. On its main screen, you have two options Recover Deleted Files and Recover Lost Files. Select any of these as per the requirement. Software then starts searching the Android phone connected to the computer. Once it detects the phone, it moves to the next screen. On moving to the next screen, choose the android phone from the list & hit Next. Then, select the phone memory from the list of drives & click on Next. Software then asks you to mark the file extensions. Mark them if you know or else use Mark All option or Skip the step. Software then starts scanning your phone memory. Wait for a while until it completes this process. Upon completion, it will display your phone memory data. From this list, select the required files and hit Next. This is the last screen which you will get; here give the location to save your recovered files. Once you click Next, software starts saving your files & displays the output folder. So friends, follow these steps & get back your lost/deleted files from Android Phone internal memory as well as SD card used in it. If you want to try the software, you can get it from the link provided in the video description. Thank you for watching this video. Hit like & subscribe my channel if you feel this tutorial was handy. Good bye.


  1. but guys how can i turn on the mass storage on HTC one M8 ? .. please help
  2. Dude even after switching USB debugging mode on. Usb debugging/Usb mass storage is not working. My pc Softwares cannot detect it. Actually i accidently del videos from internal DCIM. For restoring i need to fix this. Or is there any other way of restoring. Help Me.
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  9. Now a days, phone gets recognized as MTP device which is not mass storage. So, this is useless. You should rename video as 'Recover data if detected as mass storage'. Why waste everybody's time?
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  13. Can it recover formatted files from Moto G(1st Gen)?
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