Recover "DATA" From Any File Format (FREE)

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This video has been requested of me for a very long time by hundreds of people and today I finally had the time to put it together. How to recover pretty much any file format including (RAW) data. ENJOY! If this video helps you please don't forget to like,subscribe & comment below as it helps others find this video. Thank you :)


  1. Osm
  2. photos aree opening, but videos are not playable any idea ?
  3. I used multiple free data recovery software and i really liked testdisk data recovery and stellar data recovery free edition. Both has different features but valuable.
  4. Thank you sir! I think this is actually working. I have a hard drive that crashed years ago and I have thousands of family pictures on and finally I can get them off. Thanks!
  5. YOOOO!! I was looking for something like this!! Now I found a FREE one dudee.. Ty so much!!
  6. Thanks bro
  7. is this works on Linux OS?
  8. so i started and the timer stops and it dosent continue
  9. wow thanks man gona give this a go on my SD card
  10. wow thanks man gona give this a go on my SD card
  11. This is significantly better than Recuva
  12. 2019
    This worked for my "faulty" HDD. Thank you so much!
  13. Thank you Sir. It helped and Save a Lot!
    God bless you!
  14. Thanks a lot man.
  15. TNX alot it work 100% for me .
  16. I see why you chose an SD card. I'm recovering files from a 1 Terabyte harddrive, only 465 hrs to go. There must be a way to select specific files, I mean seriously. I don't want 9/10 of the files it's recovering. exe. doc. This will be great if I recover all the nude photos my ex deleted. That woman can sure screw up a computer, and I mean in nothing flat. Her's a woman that can't admit she doesn't know two bits from one byte, "can you help me download this shipping label from my phone. Sure babe. It ends in a fight, because she can't grasp what I'm explaining. I end up doing the whole thing, alone. Here you go babe. Goodie. 5 mins later, Can you help me print it out, I can't get the printer to work. Sure babe, What the fk did you do to the printer? I just had this all set up. Another difficult moment ensues, she huffs off, pissed at me for helping her? Here's your print out, 1 hr. later, after undoing whatever the fk she did. Oh goodie. 5 mins later can you help me figure out what's going on with the fax, I have to make a copy and fax it to whomever. Are you serious, you are really going to ask me to help you, after the way you acted five minutes ago? yeah sure babe, Now what has she done, I just used this thing it was working perfectly. Son of a btch. Same thing with the phone which she is on 24/7. Can you help me, I lost all my contacts, I lost all my pictures, I can't log into FB. because I ordered some discount BS that my friends sent me, and it was a scam. Well those days are over. I got two of my PCs back from her, and that's why I'm using this drastic recovery tool.
    Moral of the story, never let other people use your computer, even with limited accounts. Then when it does screw up, you can't blame anyone but yourself, and you won't have to listen to I didn't screw up your computer.
  17. myvideos are just being showed as pictures :O
  18. Thank you so much
  20. i cant find my recup_dir folder