Recover "DATA" From Any File Format (FREE)

Author: MrPCElectronics
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This video has been requested of me for a very long time by hundreds of people and today I finally had the time to put it together. How to recover pretty much any file format including (RAW) data. ENJOY! If this video helps you please don't forget to like,subscribe & comment below as it helps others find this video. Thank you :)


  1. thankyou so much i recovered my pics that i accidentally formatted.. im soo happy please guys give it a thumbsup guys 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 super a big thumpsuppp!!! cause i tried already to download other file for recovery and stuff but this is more legit.. it solved my problem subscribe yoo!
  2. I want one for free.
  3. you saved me from my wife sir thank you very much. adios
  4. ive been trying to recovery my hard drive for awhile now this so helps out a lot
  5. i think you saved me, i am crying how happy i am! thanks man
  6. Wow its work
    I try before this type recovery different software but this not work or work then not give a speed to recover all types of data.
    Thank you so much for our help
  7. So I don’t have enough Space on my Mac nor my PC to recover all the files from my external hard drive (about 400Gb) So am I just better off buying a whole bother external hard drive and recovering the files from one drive to another?
  8. hi there! I've done everything, and it did see4m to work, however when i went to check all the recovered files, none were working :((( I had all the video files. mp4. but they are not loading :( the recovery has found sooo many files, im still waiting for it to finish, but whatever files im checking now are not working, I'm just hoping the ones i do need will work, I only lost them today :(
  9. nice
  10. works thx
  11. Thanks bro
  12. rar does not spell or sound like rare WTF what country are you from?
  13. can it recover txt files?
  14. Can this be done on the C: drive (where windows is installed and running)?
  15. how to change destination for data i want to recover from the formatted disk as i want to save it in another disk
  16. it was a great help
  17. Legend. Thanks mate.
  18. Life Saver THANK YOU SO MUCH
  19. Thanks Man!!! Grandma will be so happy she didn't lose her stuff!
  20. thx man .. !! i'm gonna giv it a go n c if i cn recover all of my file on my 2.5 terror byte external hard drive.