Recover "DATA" From Any File Format (FREE)

Author: MrPCElectronics
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This video has been requested of me for a very long time by hundreds of people and today I finally had the time to put it together. How to recover pretty much any file format including (RAW) data. ENJOY! If this video helps you please don't forget to like,subscribe & comment below as it helps others find this video. Thank you :)


  1. nice
  2. works thx
  3. Dude I LOVE YOU SI MUCH IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR HOURS and this is the ONLY working way I found... thank God and thank you so much I would have lost all my files photos and videos since i was born... learned my lesson... definitely gonna backup everything now thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks bro
  5. rar does not spell or sound like rare WTF what country are you from?
  6. can it recover txt files?
  7. Can this be done on the C: drive (where windows is installed and running)?
  8. how to change destination for data i want to recover from the formatted disk as i want to save it in another disk
  9. it was a great help
  10. Legend. Thanks mate.
  11. Life Saver THANK YOU SO MUCH
  12. Thanks Man!!! Grandma will be so happy she didn't lose her stuff!
  13. thx man .. !! i'm gonna giv it a go n c if i cn recover all of my file on my 2.5 terror byte external hard drive.
  14. when i look through the recovered files why do all the files say their eCRYPTfs files? i dont understand pls help. its not showing me my music,videos,pics or apps
  15. My destination folder is full from the recovery. How do i reroute it to the local disk D
  16. Worked very well for me! Thanks! :D
  17. Awesome dude! I followed your instructions step by step and was able to retrieve all my important files that "disappeared" on my hard drive without paying for those 3rd party programs!

    If I may just ask, will it be safe to copy those retrieved files again to the same hard drive where I originally saved, lost and retrieved it? I would appreciate your recommendations.

  18. For me it still not showing. Trying to recover a USB that looks like it was never formated, when I try to access it ask to insert media. But this program didn't do the trick neither.
  19. thank you very very sir i tried most of the known softwares but nothing help me like this . when always i recovered my files some of its get corrupted itself but this worked awesome no files corrupt itself .
  20. Does it recover formatted hd? Recover photo files at all?