Recover Lost Data or Restore File System on Hard Drives SATA/IDE

Author: Rob Papallo
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This is a video on how to either A: Recover lost data on a hard drive or B: Repair the file system on the disk. Using Command Prompt I'll guide you through the steps to do this. Tools Needed: SATA IDE 2.0 USB Reader Power Supply with SATA Conversion if SATA Drive Windows Vista/7/8 Administrative privileges Step 1: Take the Hard Drive (HDD) that you wish to Repair or Recover and hook it up to the SATA IDE 2.0 USB reader and connect the Power for SATA to the Drive (If not a SATA drive and just IDE Power is supplied through 2.0 USB) and plug the 2.0 into the High Speed USB port. Step 2: Click on the Start menu and "Right Click" on Computer and select Manage, once the window comes up select "Disk management" and locate the HDD you plugged in and find out the Drive Path letter, for an example mine in this video was G:, yours might be different. Step 3: Open up the start menu and go to the search tab and search CMD and you will see Command Prompt pop up in the window above, Right Click on Command Prompt and Run as Administrator. Select Yes at the Prompt and it will open Command Prompt. Step 4: Your going to perform a Check Disk so in order to do this type the Command CHKDSK DRIVELETTER: and hit enter and it will perform the Check Disk, once the check disk is done it will tell you if you need to fix the File System if so you will need to run the Check Disk again only this time type CHKDSK DRIVELETTER: /F once that is complete it will tell you if it was able to repair the problem and now we can Recover Step 5: Type the Command RECOVER and you will see This: RECOVER [Drive:][Path]filename This is a guideline just simply replace Drive: with the Letter of your drive (using my example G:) and the path with where you want to recover for an example if i wanted to restore drivers it would be RESTORE G:/windows/system32/drivers. Step 6: Once you've recovered your files your all set to go and you can recover multiple files and paths, If you have another computer use the files and paths as reference to help you choose the proper commands Be sure to check out my new Blog site which has everything up to date and new post every 3 Days and also rate comment and subscribe to my channel and i will gladly love you forever :) with lots of hugs and kisses..... uhhhh fuck that was to gay and weird. OH WELL!! Back to the videos. heres the link to the Blog and also my own Website Below Blog: Website: Donate To My Channel an Website :D


  1. Windows nerfed mine. Thanks Obama
  2. What about raw partitions?
  3. file not found
  4. Brooo I need help avastanti-virus deleted some files in system32 now I my PC don't have cmd,sound,task manager and etc please help
  5. 💯 working
  6. After the last step where I hit the enter, it said "File not found" Please help me
  7. it's showing "access denied as you don't have sufficient privillages. You have to invoke this unity running in elevated mode"
    in the cmd prompt after entering CHKDSK....what to do??
  8. Please my hard drive got formatted on another PC how do I recover the files on my PC. Also I still have the recovery folder
  9. can i do it for C-drive
  10. my HDD isnt being recognized in the disk managment.
  11. Can you help me?? I unintentional missing all my file in hardisk while recovery my computer when that hardisk as backup device for it.. please help me... cause all my study references are there... and all of files that collect for many years.. it really hard to collect it again...
  12. Hi rob

    When I enter CHKDSK F: it is showing..
    "Access denied as you do not have sufficient privileges.
    You have to invoke this utility running in elevated mode"
    can you please help me soon ?

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Thank you ..merci beaucoup...
  14. I have four questions regarding this recovery
    mainly my partition got deleted can I recover 260gb data through this procedure ?
    actually my os  was present in that data so when I recover it my old os will working or not ?
    and can I use all my software's and application that I lost through deleted partition  ?
    and after the whole partition recovered can use those os and applications normally through this recovery data.....?
                               please answer my questions it will be more helpful for me proceed by your method... thank you ..
  15. I lost my hard drive data when I download win 10 direct in harddisk
    and than I can't found my data n harddisk only show 31gb
    it's actual size is 1tb!!!
    what i do to recover my data ???
  16. Hi Rob, I have tried to do the chkdsk but the problem is that when im looking my drive I see that the available memory is 220gb free en 700 in use... but when I'm looking in the files I see nothing any idea or help ??
  17. Hi I'm trying to get pass windows boot manager and I have the repair recovery disc help please
  18. hey Rob, somehow all at once my secondary hard drive vanished. Yes, vanished. it no longer shows up in MY COMPUTER or DEVICE MANAGER, etc. GONE. Now i have critical data that i need to recover. Appreciate any suggestions.
  19. the computer that I am working suddenly short circuit and so they transfer the hard drive to another cpu and when they check the hard drive they said it was still ok but when I checked on it the files were not there anymore. please help! I really need those files to be retrieve.
  20. Thank you this did it for me :D (y)