Recovering Lost or Damaged Digital Photos from SD Cards (or Compact Flash)

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This photography tip will show you how to recover lost or damaged files from the SD or CF cards on your digital camera. The software is called Recuva and you can download it here: Best of all, it's free!


  1. Hi! Not sure what to do! I did a photo shoot this afternoon and no the photos were there because I briefly scanned through them to show the client a photo of her son before turning off the camera. Did not go into any files to delete them. Drove home and went to stick the card in the card reader and nothing will not read. Stuck it back in camera the camera says no card. then put it back into card reader still nothing. Went and got another card that I use and it had no problem reading that one and the camera had no problem reading it. I purchased a program called stellar phoenix but I can't get it to recognize the reader because the card is not reading.
  2. I tried it for mac but it hasnt help me yet. Does the memory card have to be formatted first??
  3. Great info!!
  4. Hi I just made a mistake of deleting maternity pictures... :-(.
    I bought the Recuva software, but it cannot detect my canon 5d Mark II. I do not have a CF reader like you. do I need one in order to scan the cf card? It's currently plugged from camera to laptop
  5. i took some photos last night and when i went to put them on my computer it said i had to format it and lose all my photos, i didn’t have a choice. so i did that and when i went onto the recovery program to get it back, i deep scaned it and still nothing is coming up. plz help
  6. I have canon 700D

    but the problem is whenever I tried to see photos, they are showing that " Cannot Playback Image "

    what is the solution for that problem.?? 😊
  7. Please am in big shit now and i need help, i short on my CF with my canon 5D Mark111 after my shoot i discover that my camera could not read my cf card and the card reader too cant even see it to read, camera saying card can not be accessed. Pls what can i do to get my data's back
  8. I tried Recuva but Sadly didn't work for me :(
    Have to say it rather corrupted my pictures. and when I tried to contact them, there was no response!!
    Ultimately spent some bugs and had to buy Stellar Photo Recovery. It worked but I wish there was a free option too.
  9. Did you pay for the program or did you download it freely ?
  10. I took photos last night at a party and when I went to remove the card to download photos to my pc, they were gone. Thank you so much....i wasted 69.00 on a recovery program that delivered no results. I am so blessed to come across this video. My husband did everything you said and my photos were restored!. thanks for this video.
  11. Can this work without a cf card reader? I mean like I just plug in my camera to do it
  12. Holy freaking crap thaank you dude!!!!
  13. thank you so much. youre a god
  14. will it work on a corrupted SD card? :|
  15. I have taken photos in canon 1200d and after placing my sd card into the pc. It is showing files but no preview and image was not opening. And it is showing that invalid image when I opened.. Soo v'll you plz help me solve this problem... Those pics are most valuable and important. Plzzzz I kindly request you to help me...
  16. i accidentally format my sd card and use again to take photo can i recover my past photo...?
  17. hey I don't know if my cards and images are corrupted or delete because not removing properly can this be fix by recuva or is there any software for corrupted images to get back
  18. OH my god, Thankyou. I just put all my christmas photos of my 4 grandchildren onto my laptop and then deleted everything off my camera. I then went to put them on an external hard drive to save and found that I had lost everything. I went through quite a few different tutorials but none worked felt sick thinking I would never get them back. Then I stumbled upon yours and presto I have them all. All I can say is thankyou.
  19. I tried downloading the software, but its not supported by iMac. Then it asks if you want to buy the other versions of the software. It's a great video, but I wish I found the help I need.
  20. i shoot for about 1000 images(CR2),and i have transfer all the images on my laptop,but why there is only 449 images(CR2)? please help,so sorry my english is poor