Recovery Phone with Nokia Care Suite.avi

Author: Borislav Donchev
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Recovery Phone with Nokia Care Suite


  1. If the phone have passcode how i can do it?? Could you give me advice, please?
  2. Hello sir,
    Can you send me the download link?
  3. how can we recover data from damage and no power nokia 6600 mobile phone?
  4. Hey guys! Can you please someone guide me how to recover delete contacts from Nokia C 101...its to important for me
  5. sir plz ans me.plz help me
  6. sir it's not working for nokia x6 :(
  7. is tat possible to recover my potos from my Nokia N93i phone memory..?? plz help me..!!
  8. thanks bro
  9. This program is free. No need serial key.
  10. why do i need serial code? can you give it to me?
  11. Can this program flash dead devices? And I mean devices that don't even turn on or vibrate when you hold down the ''power on'' button ( like nokia n8).
  12. What use is this for exactly?
  13. Use Google. Write "Nokia Care Suite For Store 2011.26.3" and first is my post in symbian-modders
  14. Not requires any dongle or adapter. Wallpaper is extracted from Nokia N8.
  15. what is your wallpaper name?? look nice...
  16. does this requires any dongle or adapter