SOFTWARE RECOVERY Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and NOTE 8 | How to

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In this video tutorial I'll show you how to do a software recovery on Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and NOTE 8 with Samsung Smart Switch application. You can use this method to restore your phone to original settings if you have various problems like freezing, apps who running slow, to remove a file or a virus or to format the memory space. - - - LINKS Samsung Smart Switch download page: WARNING! Before performing a hard reset, make sure you know your Google login and password. If you have Android version 5.1 or higher on your device and you have added a Google account, you might be asked to input the Google account login and password after you perform o software repair.If you cannot provide this information during the setup process, you won't be able to use the device at all after software reset! You do this at your own risk! Make sure your phone battery is fully charged! Better remove the SIM card and memory SD card from your phone before this operation! If you reset or update your phone, all your data may be lost, so it's good to do a full backup before! SUBSCRIBE ►Youtube:


  1. What can I do if no matching recovery code has been found?
  2. My softwarre is updated to oreo, now my secure folder is not openning, in restore account gallery option is skipped, many things are skipped after software updated, im facing many problems in s8 now, and i dont want to reboot bcoz i have data im secufe folder, that will be lost... plse help me in this.. will be very thankfull to you..
  3. am installat un software pe un s8 plus si acum nu mai merge semnalul adica deloc daca bag o sin numaradă nicic pot sa ma ajuti te rog
  4. Is this how downgrading software update? because i accidentally updated it and i want to bring it back in the way i bought it
  5. I downloaded Smart Switch on my PC, but it doesn't have an initialization setting, only the "Emergency Software Recovery"
  6. My S8 is in factory binary mode , itried to use this method , but the smarth switch tells that the phone is not compatible, any solution? thx
  7. hi, i need a way to active my mobile data, always used fingerprint and forgotten my patternlock please help
  8. i lost my original Firmware what can i do coz i put fake Firmware demon plz help
  9. I updated my galaxy a5 2016 to android 6.1.1 if i reset it does the old software will be back?? Pls reply ty😅
  10. samsung s8 sm-g950f software initialization failed error occured plz help
  11. Does this remove live demo mode?
  12. Im stuck on stock recocery... i have no software on my Note 8.. tries to flash stock rom .. everything goes fine on Odin... phone starts to update.. stops on 32% and fails.. fail command.. erase.. and its back on stock recovery... HELP ??
  13. Not working my S8. I got 'Galaxy S8' does not support initializing please contact our service Center.
  14. Bravo. Pot sa scot Oreo beta din telefon acuma. Multumesc de video
  15. Would this remove Twrp recovery I know it would remove root :)
  16. Hi I..
    So I accidentally activated this downloading process by pressing Bixby volume and power button...then it took me to the downloading screen..was stuck there for some time...
    Pressed volume home and power key to get out of it..
    My question is will this affect
    1. My phone's performance
    2. Is my phone unblocked now
    3. Will get future updates otp
  17. Hi I have a s8 from USA g950u, works ok except Samsung pay, in the U.K.
    can I use the g950f firmware to restore, will it make any issues since the snapdragon chipset ?
  18. Thanks you sir this help me but i bought phone from uae & use it in india so i want to original firmware of india of that model
    should i use my friends phone model as well as SR for only firmware ?
  19. Thank
  20. sir my j7 ringing very low how increas it and what is problm with that? plzz hlp sir fast