ZAR - Zero Assumption Recovery

Download ZAR - Zero Assumption Recovery Cara menggunakan ZAR untuk mengembalikan data seperti musik, video, gambar atau file pada Memory Card atau MMC yang hilang akibat di format. More

scratched hard drive data recovery | platter damage and gluegun

scratched hard drive data recovery | platter damage and gluegun for data recovery call: 855.366.4232 or request your service here: music: More

How to recover data from a hard drive (stuck heads: buzzing, clicking, etc)

Does your hard drive make a buzzing noise when you turn it on? Or does it make clicking noises or not spin up? Well, in this video I will show you how to fix this fairly common problem which... More


this video explains how you can reset smart of seagate drives ( including seagate produces samsung and maxtor disks that model number starts with ST /STM ) !!! This Is Not Drive Refurbish... More

How Hard Reset Your Android Phone or Tablet? (2 Method)

Hard reset your Android phone or tablet when you forget the passcode or lock pattern Method : 1 (Basic Reset) Open your device's Settings. The Settings app can have varying icons depending... More

Why you Shouldn't Low Level Format Your Hard Drive | Nostalgia Nerd

Hmmm, it's that nagging question; quick format vs full format? full format vs low level format?.... Do you remember formatting your hard drive in DOS?... The Hard Drive, in it's IBM PC Compatible... More

Tutorial: How to repair broken hard disk drive and recover your data. Beeping sound or clicking

Tutorial: Repair broken hard disk drive and recover your data. Beeping sound or clicking The software I recommend is the following: 1. O&O DiskRecovery 10: 2. EaseUS... More

RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10 - All You Need to Know as Fast As Possible

RAID 0/1/10 are the simplest forms of RAID for hard drives and SSDs. This brief overview aims to give you a basic understanding of how they work FORUM LINK: More

Hard Drive Life Expectancy

Why hard drives fail, and how to extend their life expectancy, including a range of free utilities for HDD care. This video is a follow-up to my previous show on SSD Life Expectancy: https://www.y... More

Mac OS X Tutorial: Finding Lost Files on Your Apple Mac (iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro)

Lost a file? This search tip will help you to locate files by type and the date it was created. Whether you are looking for videos, images or documents we all have that "where did I put it"... More

data recovery tips: how to perform a Toshiba HDD recovery

Visit us here and request a free quote Toshiba HDD recovery tutorial: This video explains one very special and extremely useful... More

SD SDHC Card Problems and Fixes (Card Locked, Card Error, No Memory Card, Format Card) "Card Locked", "Card... More

How To Get Back Your Files From A Corrupted or Damaged SD Card

Hello Dears !!.. first of all thnx for clicking on this video. in this video im gonna show you how to Get back or Recover your files from a corrupted/damaged SD Card. using this tool. More

How to Wipe Your Hard Drive: a Geek Squad 2 Minute Miracle

Getting rid of your old computer and want to make sure your pictures, documents and data don't end up in someone else's hands? Join Geek Squad Agent Ron as he explains how to wipe a hard drive... More

How To Restore Lost Capacity Of Your USB Drive/SD Card (Recover Space)

1. Open run(Win+R) and type 'diskpart', Enter 2. Type 'list disk', Enter 3. Type 'select disk #', Enter (to select a disk, where # is the number of the disk Windows screw-balled. Usually, the... More

Recovering Data from a Synology Diskstation using a PC

In the unfortunate event of a Synology NAS Hardware failure, you can still recover data from the Hard Drive RAID array using a PC. Follow along with this tutorial to potentially recover all... More

HOW TO: Restore USB Drive Back to Full Capacity

In this video, I'll show you how to restore the missing space on your USB Drive or SD Card. More

Completely Erase a Hard Drive

Are you getting rid of an old computer? If so, you need to make sure all your data is completely gone. Simply formatting your hard disk DOES NOT do this. This video shows you how to REALLY... More

iPhone 7: how to Force Restart, enter Recovery, and DFU mode

How to force restart the iPhone 7, enter Recovery Mode, and enter DFU mode. Subscribe now ▻ More

How to ║ Restore Reset a Toshiba Satellite to Factory Settings ║ Windows 7

Buy the Toshiba Satellite - We offer wholesale prices on repair parts, accessories and unlocking services on our website. This is a video on how to perform a factory... More

iPhone 5S: How to Hard Reset and ERASE All Content

Find out how you can perform a hard reset the iPhone 5S. In this video there are two methods, one method will simply get you out of the frozen mode and the other will completely erase all the... More

HOW TO FILE INCOME TAX RETURN A.Y 2017- 18 - इनकम टैक्स रिटर्न कैसे फाइल करे ?

This video explains how a salaried person can file his own income tax return. After watching this video you will able to know : How to file Income tax return ? How to file Income tax return... More

Microsoft Lumia 640 hard reset

This method is called HARD RESET and will reset your Microsoft Lumia 640 to factory settings by using a keys combination without requiring the phone to be power on. Use it if you forget your... More

How to Reset Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen - Hard Reset and Soft Reset

Buy the Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen - This is a video on how to perform both methods of factory reset on a Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen. Soft reset and hard reset All models:... More

Hard Drive Tools : DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke)

Support this Channel : How I setup and use DBAN to wipe data from Hard Drives. How to erase Hard Drives with Darik's Boot & Nuke. *N.B./Disclaimer - This video... More

Hard Reset Wiko Lenny 2

How to Hard Reset Wiko Lenny 2 - Wiko bypass verification on Google Account: - WIKO Hard Reset: - If you frp success please donate 1$: https://www.... More

The Easiest Way to Uninstall Malware on an Android Device [How-To]

How to Quickly & Easily Uninstall Malware [Android] Full Tutorial: Subscribe to Gadget Hacks: More

Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Hard Reset With Hardware Keys

Learn how to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy S5 using the hardware key methods and the settings menu method. Do you want to return the phone back to the supplier but you don't want them to see... More

NOOBS: The Easiest Raspberry Pi Setup

Just a quick video setting up NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software) on a Raspberry Pi: (i) Installing NOOBS and set-up, and (ii) Quick look at two of the Operating Systems, 1. Raspbian and applications,... More

My 10 Year Old Chiller WORKS! -20C on THREADRIPPER!

Thanks to ASUS ROG & AMD for sponsoring this video! Buy ASUS ROG Zenith motherboard on Amazon: Buy AMD Ryzen Threadripper on Amazon: Discuss on... More

Captain Unhook: How to Bypass Everything… Literally

Stuart McClure, CEO of Cylance, Inc., walks through a series of live demos: 1) Unhooking "Captain Unhook" 2) Boyson: Network Device Ransomware 3) BIOS Ransomware McClure dives into the... More

How to Erase and Factory Reset your Mac!

Want to restore or sell your Mac? AppleInsider covers the step-by-step process of backing up your files, wiping the hard drive and restoring everything on a new machine. 2017 15" MacBook Pro... More

It's a Truck, It's a Snowcat! No, It's a GMC Sierra HD All Mountain Snow Truck! ) It's a Truck, It's a Snow Cat! No, It's a GMC Sierra HD All Mountain Snow Truck! ( ) Please visit to support TFLcar & TFLtruck. ... More

vGeek Ideas - Building a Software Defined Data Center with Zero Downtime


How to use Active@ KillDisk 9 (Windows and Linux platforms)?

Active@ KillDisk 9.0 (Windows): - One Pass Zeros erase method supported in freeware version - Erases all data on HDD, SSD and USB disks completely - Wipes out all unused space on disks, not... More

Eminem - Space Bound

Eminem performing Space Bound. buy now © 2010 Aftermath Records. More

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery Demo

Business continuity and IT resilience are a click away with CloudEndure Disaster Recovery. Our one-touch disaster recovery solution utilizes block-level continuous replication, application... More

Infor EAM Asset Management Software Zero Downtime Upgrade technology overview video

Get new capabilities with Infor 10x Extend the value of your Infor™ solution and take advantage of technologies that can change the way you work with Infor 10x, the latest release of Infor's... More

Advanced Disk Erasing Techniques

Active@ KillDisk is a powerful and compact software that allows you to destroy all data on hard disks, USB drives and floppy disks completely, excluding any possibility of future recovery of... More

Filing Your Taxes Online [HOW TO with Turbo Tax]

Filing your taxes online doesn't have to be scary and intimidating. In this class David is joined by our resident financial guru, Chip Capelli to show you how easy it is to file your taxes... More

Formatting and Clean Install of Windows 7

Taking a look at how to format and then clean install Windows 7. This should only be viewed as a guide to how to do a clean install of windows 7 and not as a guide to upgrading your system.... More

Netgate SG-3100 Teardown / Speedtest / Review of this powerful pfsense packet pusher!

Amazon Affiliate Store Things we love including computers, software, services, gadgets, and of course hot sauces. https://www.lawrencesystems.c... More

How to use Active@ KillDisk 11 (Windows and Linux platforms)?

Powerful and portable software that allows you to destroy all data on Hard Disks, Solid State Disks (SSD) & USB disks and Memory Cards, excluding any possibility of deleted files and folders... More

সেটিং টি দেখুন নাহলে ধোঁকা খাবেন Android Developer Demo Secret Must Watch For Dodgy Activities

If your are planning to buy a second hand phone then you must watch this developer setting Demo mode . Because If demo mode is on it does mean it will show phone battery is full and network... More

How To Manage Storage and Free Up Space On The iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Some tips on how to manage the storage and free up space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. From time to time you will receive a message that says "Storage Almost Full". When this happens... More