Disaster Recovery as a Service | DRaaS Providers - Infrascale

Infrascale DRaaS is an enterprise-grade disaster recovery solution with a guaranteed 15min failover-to-the cloud SLA. DRaaS includes: onsite and offsite failover, granular and full recovery... More

Disaster Recovery Best Practices

Acronis (https://www.acronis.com/en-us/) is a leading backup software, disaster recovery, and secure data access provider to consumers, small-medium businesses, and enterprises. If your business... More

AppAssure - Company Overview - Replay AppImage - Backup and Disaster Recovery Software

Appassure CEO Naj Husain provides an overview of Appassure - From Exchange protection, virtualization and now SQL server backup and recovery! Replay AppImage and MailRetriever. More

Disaster Recovery as a Service DRaaS Providers Alfa Lab


Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery as a Service with DataGardens

Join Dr. Geoff Hayward, CEO of DataGardens and Jim Palmeri, CEO of Agitare Technologies, Inc. in this webinar to learn about the best practices and factors companies should consider when moving... More

What is Disaster Recovery as a Service?

A 2 minute animation explaining Disaster Recovery as a Service, and the benefits it can bring to your business. More

Host-to-Host Replication Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Is your company and its data prepared to survive a disaster? This video provides an overview of Expedient's disaster recovery as a service, which we call host to host replication (powered in... More

BlueBridge Cloud -Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRAAS)

An overview of the BlueBridge Cloud solution and how it can help companies put into place a Disaster Recovery plan that is proactive and will not break the bank. More

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

FirstServ's DRaaS is a fully managed, Disaster Recovery (DR) service which leverages the power of our enterprise Cloud platform. An entire replica of your FirstServ server estate is hosted... More

Disaster Recovery as a Service

http://cdw.io/LYCH9T You need a plan when it comes to disaster recovery. Learn how disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) can help your organization be better prepared for the future. FEATURED... More

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Being able to recover quickly from a disaster has always been a challenge. Getronics' Disaster Recovery as a Service holds your data in a secure virtual environment, hosted in certified Data... More

IT Business Continuity with Backup as a Service & Disaster Recovery as a Service Solutions

Grow your business faster delivering IT business continuity services solutions designed by a Hoster for Hosters to solve in-demand customer problems. More

Disaster Recovery Testing

This is what restoring our whole company in a day for DR testing looks like. 20 hours in a room, no interaction outside, and a whole lot of waiting around. More

Sungard Availability Services Disaster Recovery as a Service (RaaS) Explained

Sungard Availability Services Recovery-as-a-Service solutions offer a holistic approach to business resiliency. We start with data protection, then we recover your environment or compute infrastruc... More

Review best practices for disaster recovery - from design to operations

"Hope for the best and plan for the worst" is a good motto when thinking about disaster recovery. In this session we cover the various kinds of DR that you can do with Microsoft Azure from... More

How to write an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Yes, the recovery software is crucial, the failover environment must be stable and your connectivity must be reliable, but these are just components. Without a plan they're useless. Having... More

22. HEROware-Making it Easy to Sell Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) in 3 Steps!.wmv

HEROware-Making it Easy to Sell BDR and Business Continuity-HEROware is the Fastest Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution for companies of all sizes. Using best of breed Hardware and Software... More

Profiting from Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions - an Interview with Caroline Coste of NetJapan

Come on over to http://www.tubblog.co.uk where the main discussion happens after the video! Richard talks with Caroline Coste the UK Country Manager for NetJapan - a well established Backup... More

Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan, disaster recovery plan software, disaster recovery planning definition, disaster recovery plan requirements, disaster recovery plan audit, disaster recovery plan purpose,... More

Acronis Disaster Recovery Service - short intro video clip

Acronis Disaster Recovery Service (https://goo.gl/mVwXwi) is a complete IT business continuity solution that protects, and restores data, servers, or entire data centers suffering from a natural... More

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) - Azure Site Recovery (ASR) Overview and Demo

Strengthen your BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) strategy with a cloud-based disaster recovery solution that protects your environment by automating the replication of the virtual... More

Online Tech Disaster Recovery as a Service

Protect your business' most critical assets with with Online Tech's Disaster Recovery as a Service. Getting started is easy and straightforward. Learn more at www.onlinetech.com/draas. More

What is the Best disaster recovery solution for small business' server

http://mavmesa.com/data-backup-video-faqs/ Do you know the best solution for getting your company up after a computer disaster? That is what a disaster recovery plan is for, to make sure you... More

Disaster Recovery Software: everRun from Marathon Technologies

http://www.marathontechnologies.com - Watch and learn how Marathon Technologies' everRun handles full sytstem failures with lockstep enabled. To learn more about Marathon Technologies everRun... More

IBM Global Technology Services: Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

In today's always on world, businesses can't afford a single minute of downtime. With continuous backup of critical applications, infrastructure, data and systems to the cloud, DRaaS can provide... More

A New Type of Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery: Zetta's Unique Solution

How a new type of cloud backup and DR came from Zetta.net founders Lou and Jeff's time working at Netscape and being frustrated by the high cost and complexity of data storage. The solution... More

BackUp & Recovery For Disaster Recovery Cases

BackUp & Recovery For Disaster Recovery Cases. More

Proximus Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Your company operational under all circumstances. With DRaaS, your virtual machines are replicated asynchronously to the Proximus datacenter to avoid loss of critical data. www.proximus.be/draas... More


This is the biggest sticking point for organizations that are considering SaaS. In truth, data security is independent of whether the server is sitting next to you or in a different city. Software... More

Recovery as a Service Technical Deep Dive

http://www.bluelock.com/cloud-services/raas/ - Cloud-based Recovery-as-a-Service solutions allow you to prioritize your applications and protect each based on its level of importance to the... More


MUMBAI- DISASTER RECOVERY SOLUTIONS- Disaster Recovery and data protection are usually very low down on the priority list of most corporates and are listed under expendable items in a company's... More

NETGEAR Optimizing Backup and Disaster Recovery for your VMware Environment

Discover how organizations improve the reliability of backups and the recoverability of virtual machines. Supporting data growth, integrating with existing processes and protecting virtualized... More

Webinar | Disaster Recovery Testing Simplified [2013-02-26]

InMage Systems presents using Scout to simplify disaster recovery testing on Physical and virtual servers. More

Zerto Disaster Recovery, Replication, & Backup for Amazon AWS

Learn more at https://www.zerto.com/page/zerto-free-trial/ and try Zerto for free! Zerto's Virtual Replication now supports public clouds like Amazon's AWS and others. With Zerto, your application... More

1-to-many Replication for Disaster Recovery

Watch how easy it is to manage and monitor 1-to-many replication for multi-site disaster recovery. More

Sungard Availability Services and Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Transforming Disaster Recovery

HPE Software Services expertise and Sungard Availability Services innovation team up to revolutionize disaster recovery with end-to-end automation. More

Disaster Recovery & Disaster Management: How to Use Cloud Backup to Restore Mission Critical Files

More info: http://www.cloudwards.net/goto/13801/www.carbonite.com Disaster Recovery is essential for any business because the cost of downtime can be detrimental: Research shows 80% of companies... More

Become a True Master of Disaster Recovery

MSP Backup & Recovery brings several new and exciting data protection and disaster recovery features, including: Backup Accelerator; Standby Image; Cloud Recovery Targets; and more For full... More

Most Companies Fail To Test Disaster Recovery Plans

More than 60 per cent (62%) of companies surveyed in the UK and Germany say that they either test their disaster recovery plan either less than once a year, or do not test it at all, according... More

Clients First Disaster Recovery Demo

A detailed presentation and Demonstration of the Clients First Business Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution, Powered by datto. Whether you delete a file, or your entire server room is destroyed,... More

Achieve Disaster Recovery with Disaster Recovery as a Service

Learn more at http://www.zerto.com/cloud-based-disaster-recovery/ and download a free trial! Watch and learn about key causes of disaster recovery and some great options to fulfill those requireme... More

New Vembu BDR v3.0 - Backup & Disaster Recovery

Vembu BDR v3.0 features a new clean and simple user interface for configuring and scheduling your backups. It's all new powerful technology let's you to perform image backups and instant restores... More

Need a robust backup and disaster recovery solution? Try this...

Recovery of virtual machines, databases and files from any type of disasters. More

Enabling Disaster Recovery As Service (DraaS) on OpenStack

Enabling Disaster Recovery As Service (DraaS) on OpenStack features Haribabu Kasturi. Disaster Recovery is an indispensable part of cloud deployments in future. OpenStack has a capability... More

EMC Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategies

EMC Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategies. More

CenturyLink Resiliency Services: Disaster Recovery

Only 27% of companies received a passing grade for disaster readiness in a 2014 survey—CenturyLink VP of Hybrid IT Services, Jonathan M. Steinberg, discusses how to help mitigate the risks... More

Disaster Recovery as-a-Service from Symantec and HP

Symantec and HP Enterprise Services formed a joint partnership around what they are calling Disaster Recovery as-a-Service. This solution based on HP Helion OpenStack and allows companies... More

Offsite Data Backup Services | Online Disaster Recovery

http://www.offsitebackups.com/ - Offsite Backups provides customer-focused, business-oriented offsite data backup, storage & server disaster recovery solutions that are effortless and worry-free... More