Best macOS Preview App Features

In this video, we're going to go over some of the best features that the macOS Preview app has to offer. Read More - More

File Folder junk journal-Amanda's love & recovery challenge

A junk journal for Amanda's challenge A scrap my stash project #7. More

How to Force an Authoritative DFSR Sync of SYSVOL - Fix Group Policy Replication

In this movie we show how to fix SYSVOL replication if it stops working with an Authoritative DFSR Synchronization. This can fix an issue where your group policy objects are not replicating... More

How to Fix SrtTrail.txt Log Error in Windows 10/8/7 - [2018 Tutorial]

How to Repair "C:\Windows\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt" Startup Reapair Couldn't Repair Your PC. in Windows 10. Windows 8 BSOD "D:\Windows\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt" Solution.... More

Zerto Installation, Configuration and Fail Over

Install, Configure and Test/Fail Over virtual machines with Zerto 4.5. More

journal wrap error | Event ID: 13568 | How to fix Journal Wrap errors (SOLVED)

This video will give a very closer explanation of How to Recover a Journal Wrap Error (JRNL_WRAP_ERROR) and a Corrupted FRS SYSVOL from a Good DC – What option do I use, D4 or D2? What's... More

Linux Journal February 2017 Current_Issue.tar.gz


HELIOS Update Installer - (bin/hupd)

Four easy steps to install updates: 1) ssh into the server root or "sudo sh" to switch to root 2) One-time only a) Enter your serial numbers into the HELIOS Updates Installer (hupd) ... More

Linux Journal September 2017 Current_Issue.tar.gz


LWDW: Goodbye Linux Journal

Linux Journal reaches EOL, System76 disables Intel's Management Engine, Edge comes to Android and TeamViewer 13 goes native. All this plus your emails. Podcast ▻ More

Disabling Password When Waking a Laptop

Linux Journal's Shawn Powers shows you how to disable the password requirement when returning from hibernate, suspend, screen saver, etc in Ubuntu. More

Recovering Deleted Files With Kali Linux

Learn how to recover your deleted and missing files off your hard drive, USB stick, android phone, or whatever you are storing your data on. I will show you how to recover deleted files right... More

Zerto Journal & Journal Sizing Deep Dive Master of Disaster Lesson

Learn more at and download a free trial! Zerto's Senior Cloud Sales Engineer Justin Nordeste takes us through how the journal works... More

Journald Crash The Entire System When Journal Log is Corrupted But No With a Log Deletion CentOS 7

Journald crash the entire system when journal log is corrupted but no with a log deletion CentOS 7 This video shows how journald can be corrupted in real time and the systemd crash totally.... More

Repair Windows 8 using Automatic Repair

Repair Windows 8 using Automatic Repair Having computer problems?, Missing or corrupt drivers? corrupt system files? corrupt boot configuration settings? Corrupt registry settings? master... More

Mapping: Story Maps: How to Tell Your Story Using Esri's Storytelling Apps

Learn how to use the highly popular Esri Story Maps apps to inform and inspire your audience with place-based multimedia experiences. This session will summarize the most popular storytelling... More

Bank loan repayment entries, Bank installment payment entry

Bank loan repayment entry, bank interest payment entry, accounting principles, how to post the bank loan entries, bank entries, bank ledger creation, how to create loan account in tally, tally... More

Microsoft Dynamics GP - How to Use Batch Recovery

This video illustrates how to use the Batch Recovery window in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This window allows you to continue posting batches that may have been interrupted during posting, or can... More

Zerto Virtual Replication Deep Dive & Architecture

Learn more at and request a Zerto demol! Zerto's Enterprise Sales Manager for the New England/Eastern Canada Region, Jonathan Jones, delivers a deep... More

How to Avoid or Fix Disk Failure by using Check Disk and System File Checker

Fix Hard Drive Errors using Disk Check and System File Checker. Hard drive is very important part of computer system. You may have all the important data in it and can not afford to lose it.... More

Linux Journal March 2017 Current_Issue.tar.gz


Bacula Backup Server Deployment on Ubuntu 15.04

Step by Step Deployment of Bacula Backup Server on Ubuntu 15.04 Website of Bacula Server: The Steps are as follows: Step 1: Login to Root #su - type the Password Step 2:... More

Cost Recovery Method for Revenue Recognition

This video explains how to use the cost-recovery method to recognize revenue. A comprehensive example is provided to illustrate how the cost-recovery method results in profit being deferred... More

how to pass entries in tally

You can learn in this video that how to pass all types of entries in tally very easily step by step. Journal Entry, Sales Entry, Purchase Entry, Payment Entry, Sales Entry, Contra Entry etc........... More

GetGuides: Professional Services Automation Software | HarmonyPSA

Visit HarmonyPSA on GetApp - HarmonyPSA is great for IT businesses that need... - Automated quotes and proposals - Sales... More

macOS High Sierra Disk Utility: A Video Walkthrough

In a previous video, I showed some of the limitations of macOS High Sierra Disk Utility, while the new operating system version was still in beta. Now that the beta is over and we have the... More

Alfabet for Recovery & Resolution Planning



Things I like to use for foam rolling or SMR (Affiliate Links): 2-in-1 Roller: Tiger Tail Roller Stick: Lacrosse Balls: More

Salary Advance Adjustment Entry, Accounting principles, salary entry

How to adjust salary advance, Salary entry posting, How to post salary advance entry in tally, accounting procedure, accounting principles, Salary advance adjustment entry against salary, Salary... More



Repair and Fix Hard Drive and Disk Errors

How to repair and fix your hard drive from within Windows. Determine if there is a problem with the hard disk in the form of file system corruption or bad sectors (disk errors). Analyze or... More

Seismic airguns recovery | Offshore Life

A video I took a couple of years ago of the recovery of the airguns array on the Research Vessel M. G. Langseth, operated by the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, NY. ... More

Doing BEST: Installing and running Bayesian estimation software

How to install and run software that accompanies the article, Bayesian estimation supersedes the t test, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. More

How Can Change Stander Format Invoice In Busy Accounting Software 9210161132

Advance Course Training Course For More Details Log on and Call - +91 9210161132 Mail us - More

How to Restore a MYOB Back-up File A simple step by step method of opening a MYOB Back-Up file. MYOB training by Chris Stanton-Cook as part of the Business Development Services... More

Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall 2017 Guide for US and Canada

Need help determining if your Kidde fire extinguisher is in the recall? This video will guide you through the process including where to locate the model, date code, and serial number information... More

Dynamics 365 - Relationship Insights

In this video we look at the Dynamics 365's new Relationship Insights feature. We walk you through how to setup and configure several of the feature, including the Relationship Assistant,... More

Free Overdue Debt Management Software

This free software download allows you to track and manage your debt on your computer. It is extremely easy to use and this program will help to reduce your frustration level. This program... More

Red Hat Ceph Storage

Red Hat® Ceph Storage is storage for the cloud that can help your business simplify and significantly lower the cost of managing exponential data growth.​ ​Overwhelmingly preferred for... More

Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad For You?

Although I covered aspartame, one of the more popular artificial sweeteners, in the past, I still had to take a closer look at other popular sweeteners like sucralose and acesulfame potassium.... More

International Journal of Adaptive, Resilient and Autonomic Systems

International Journal of Adaptive, Resilient and Autonomic Systems Mohamed Bakhouya (Univesite Internationale de Rabat, Morocco) and Khalid Zinedine (Chouaib Doukkali University, Morocco)... More

realistisches food diary: eine Woche - alle Mahlzeiten 🍴 Luisa S L

What I ate last week! Ich habe eine Woche lang mitgefilmt, was ich so gegessen habe - alle Mahlzeiten! Daraus ist ein sehr realistisches food diary geworden; irgendwie ausgewogen, aber irgendwie... More

Recovering from Ransomware in Minutes with Zerto Virtual Replication


I WAS RUSHED BACK TO THE HOSPITAL.... | 5 Days Postpartum Update

Watch In Full HD Whats In The Twins Hospital bag : Business/Collab inquired email me at : Search “ More

Grub Rescue - Complete Re-install of GRUB 2 from Live USB

Seeing nothing but the grub rescue prompt? Did Windows mess up your Master Boot Record? Using Ubuntu, GRUB 2 got you down? Who needs Live CDs? This video tutorial will show you how you can... More

Apps to Check Out for Your New iPad

For new iPad owners, we've rounded up a handful of apps that are well worth checking out if you want to use your iPad for creative tasks like photo editing, sketching, video editing, drawing,... More

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Stop Error 0x00000024

Learn how to resolve the bsod error 0X00000024. Get an insight about the error and find out why it is caused in the first place. Don't forget to check out our site for more... More