How to make a STORM GLASS to predict the weather!

Well, it snowed today! +1 for Storm Glass forecast accuracy. The Storm Glass was first invented in the mid 1700's, and soon made it's way into ships and harbors ... More

How to fix INIT FAILED MUX THREAD on SSH.JAR (iPhone 4 iCloud Bypass)

In this video I will show you how to fix "INIT FAILED MUX THREAD". This problem is related to iTunes version. It say that you might need to install iTunes 9 or ... More

The Glitter jar project - DIY Recovery Videos

The glitter jar, It can help if you are feeling triggered to self harming, or if... More

How to Take backup of mysql database using java swing in Netbeans

how to take backup of mysql database using java swing in Netbeans source code: More

▶ Iphone iCloud Bypass and Activation Real !! Step by Step YouTube 720p

This video not make by me, i think it is education and backup for reference purpose. Source: Published on Jul 5, ... More

Jarswap 4 - Backup, Clean Install and Restore

This video explains the steps to: 1. Backup all Minecraft & Jarswap Data 2. Do a Clean install of Minecraft 3. Restore Minecraft & Jarswap Data 4. Install Jarswap ... More

Samsung J2 Prime (SM-G532G) Hard Reset

Hellow Guys I am Nahid From N Tech Academy. This video i will show you How to Hard Reset samsung j2 prime and remove pattent Lock or Timer Lock . More

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt | Peeno Noir | Netflix

Peeno Noir, an ode to black penis. From "30 Rock" executive producers, Tina Fey and Robert Carlock comes this hilarious new comedy series starring Ellie ... More

Oracle DB Backup Cloud Service Demo

For more information...please visit Sample command: java -jar opc_install.jar ... More

Deleting and Restoring Projects

In this video Aja Hammerly (@the_thagomizer) shows you how to delete a Google Cloud Platform Project and how to restore a recently deleted project if ... More

apk recovery demo.

What is apk-recovery? Apk-recovery software is just a convenient tool which might help android developers to recover main resources from their apk file. More

Unusual data recovery method

This video explains how I did recover data from a malfunctioning hard disk using a very weird method. More

Convert any File using cmd

need a converter to convert files huh......not any more check this video out and discover a new way to convert any file using command prompt...... HAVE FUN :))))) More

5 sail purana photo recover jar dega ye app

app link- please like cooment and suscribe. More

How to Create Your Windows 8.1 Install Disk/Media ~Easy, Free & Completely Legal Through Microsoft

+16GB Micro SD Card on Amazon: +64 GB Ultra Fast Micro SD(90MBPS Read/60MBps ... More

No files to extract in WinRAR Solved | No additional software required

I faced this problem while trying to install a program and i tried to find the solution on internet but couldn't find. Finally I tried and find it myself. Hope this works for ... More

Slogging to recovery: status of the hiatus (# 129)

While the health issues continue, here's a status of the things in work that should appear in videos soon. Thank you all so much for your support and kind words! More

"371" [COMPLETE] Thiago Alcantara recovery documentary [ALL EPISODES]

After 371 days, Thiago Alcantara played football again. He did it April 4th, 2015, in Dormund. A recovery that lasted more than a year, and with a camera by his ... More

How to fix Jar files looking like WinRar Archives

Information-------------------------------------------- Just a quick little tutorial on how to fix a problem that I have been getting a lot of questions... More

recover data from harddisk,usb and memorycard


Reset the Default Programs Files With - File Association in Windows 10

Do you have files that are opening in a different program than you want? I will show you how to reset back the defaults for file associations in Windows 10. More

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus Head Transplant Scene

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus Head Transplant Scene Subscribe Here ... More

How to Recover deleted Files on Macintosh Computer

There are several reasons of data loss on Mac system like severe virus or malware infection, unexpected system shutdown, software/hardware malfunction, disk ... More

How To Get Source Code (JAVA & XML) From An Android APK File

Did you ever think is it possible to edit an APK file or change the way it works? Or maybe change its design & look? No? The answer is yes, It is possible to break ... More

How To Delete Stubborn Files That Won't Delete In Windows 7 & 8

This tutorial will show you how to delete locked files and folders in Windows 7 & 8. More

How To Recover A Lost .minecraft Folder/ Minecraft World

this video is a tutorial on how to recover a lost .minecraft folder and i believe it works for recovering lost worlds in minecraft Minecraft Downloads: ... More

How To Run Java Apps on Android 'Gingerbread' [Without Root].mp4

In this video, I'll be showing you How To Install Java Apps On Your Android Device . JBED is an .apk application that allows you to run .jar and .jad games and ... More

jar of heart (lip sync) by dhemyn


How To Fix Programs Opening In Notepad

When you go to open a program and without warning they open in notepad, and all you see is lines of gibberish, it can be frustrating right? Follow these simple ... More

Apple Photos Fix Dates - Mac Osx

This video is how to download your photos from iCloud and then mainly how to fix the date stamps to be the date the photo was taken. Try the Tip Jar ... More

How to make magic relaxing jar

For ADHD n hyper kids. More

BLU ROCK-COPPER (2) SULPHITE for instant AP solution!

While I was working in a vineyard, I had the idea to use chemistry that is used to make a protect on the grapes to make AP solution.It is a blue rock, which is ... More

FBI Admits Hillary Clinton Used Software Designed To Prevent Recovery Of Emails

Hillary Clinton played NAIVE in the recent past about DELETING her EMAILS, but the FBI reveals Hillary used sophisticated software on her server to try to make ... More

Delete and Restore Files from Trash on the Web - 3.4 - Getting Started with Google Drive Series

In this video we will go over deleting and restoring items from Trash in Google Drive. Emptying trash will delete an item forever and only if you are the owner of ... More