How to Restore JAR File Association (Open with Java)

A tutorial on restoring your JAR file associations to open with the Java JRE instead of other programs. This is especially useful for those unable to use Minecraft mod installers. SUBSCRIBE... More

The Glitter jar project - DIY Recovery Videos

The glitter jar, It can help if you are feeling triggered to self harming, or if... More

How to fix Jar files looking like WinRar Archives

Information-------------------------------------------- Just a quick little tutorial on how to fix a problem that I have been getting a lot of questions... More

5 sail purana photo recover jar dega ye app

app link- please like cooment and suscribe. More

How To Solve .exe files opening in notepad,word pad or other (File Association Problems)

hi guys today I'm here with an helpful tutorial that is how to Solve .exe files opening in notepad,word pad or other (File Association Problems).This happens due to the change in the registry.So... More

recover data from harddisk,usb and memorycard


How to fix INIT FAILED MUX THREAD on SSH.JAR (iPhone 4 iCloud Bypass)

In this video I will show you how to fix "INIT FAILED MUX THREAD". This problem is related to iTunes version. It say that you might need to install iTunes 9 or newer but 12 is not supported... More


Here I'm going to show you how to fix ANNOYING candle tunneling with an easy breezy simple trick! HERE IS WHAT YOU'LL NEED! - Scissors - Aluminium Foil - Matches/Lighter - Your candle - Yourself... More

No files to extract in WinRAR Solved | No additional software required

I faced this problem while trying to install a program and i tried to find the solution on internet but couldn't find. Finally I tried and find it myself. Hope this works for you too. More

How To Unbrick Any Samsung Android Phone

JAVA ONE CLick unbrick Download usb drivers(for samsung) More

Fixing File Association Problems (exe files opening in Notepad & others)

In this video I will explain how to fix file association problems, focusing on .exe files opening in Notepad but also others to. Windows 7 forums: More

"371" [COMPLETE] Thiago Alcantara recovery documentary [ALL EPISODES]

After 371 days, Thiago Alcantara played football again. He did it April 4th, 2015, in Dormund. A recovery that lasted more than a year, and with a camera by his side. We introduce you the... More

How To Install TeamWin TWRP Custom Recovery On Any Android Phone

How to install Custom Recovery on Android? How to install twrp recovery? Download twrp recovery. First of all, Make sure USB drivers for your phone are installed on the computer.Remember i... More

Convert any File using cmd

need a converter to convert files huh......not any more check this video out and discover a new way to convert any file using command prompt...... HAVE FUN :))))) More

How to Backup/Restore Data (Contacts, Messages, Call records) on Your Phone with MoboMarket

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How to Take backup of mysql database using java swing in Netbeans

how to take backup of mysql database using java swing in Netbeans source code: More

Samsung J2 Prime (SM-G532G) Hard Reset

Hellow Guys I am Nahid From N Tech Academy. This video i will show you How to Hard Reset samsung j2 prime and remove pattent Lock or Timer Lock . Samsung sm-g532g hard reset samsung sm-g532g... More

Bundling A jar File Into A Mac OS X Executable Application File

If you like this video, please share with other Java developers who may be looking for an easy way to package jar files. This is an update video to my previous tutorial, because I released... More

Android Dev - Howto Add an external Jar - Tech & Smile

This video tutorial shows how to add an external Java Archive (JAR) to an Android project. We first create an Android "test" project, then we insert a JAR into this project and we finally... More

Waste water jar testing

Testing liquid polymer, creating flocs,and removing water to create space. More

How To Get Source Code (JAVA & XML) From An Android APK File

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How to Recover Desktop Shortcuts and Fix Default File Associations in Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7

If you ever messed up your Default File Format and Icons by using "open with..." option? So this video will help you for Fixing File Association Problems, Please make sure that you follow the... More

I Got A Jar Stuck In The Sink Garbage Disposal!

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One-Click UnBrick

This software will unbrick any Samsung phone which supports the Odin protocol. This is pre-release software from the Heimdall One-Click project. Download Link: More

How To Delete Stubborn Files That Won't Delete In Windows 7 & 8

This tutorial will show you how to delete locked files and folders in Windows 7 & 8. More

How to Use the WebOS Doctor on the HP TouchPad (Upgrade/Downgrade/Fix WebOS)

How and when to Use the WebOS Doctor on the HP TouchPad Q: What's the WebOS Doctor and when should I use it? The WebOS Doctor is a program that has two main functions for HP TouchPad users.... More

Deleting and Restoring Projects

In this video Aja Hammerly (@the_thagomizer) shows you how to delete a Google Cloud Platform Project and how to restore a recently deleted project if needed. More

▶ Iphone iCloud Bypass and Activation Real !! Step by Step YouTube 720p

This video not make by me, i think it is education and backup for reference purpose. Source: Published on Jul 5, 2014 Download files needed... More

DIY Glitter Jars 2 Ways!

Don't forget to Subscribe for WEEKLY Video Tutorials! I love glitter! And I love easy and inexpensive decorating... AND twinkle lights! These are some fun ways to glitterize some glass jars!... More

How to Repair Winrar Corrupted Files (rar, partx.rar) Work with Recovery Records Only

How to Repair Winrar Corrupted Files (.rar .partx.rar) this method work with "rar" file that have "recovery record" only Where "recovery record" in a rar file get stored? http://forums.mydigitalli... More

Delete and Restore Files from Trash on the Web - 3.4 - Getting Started with Google Drive Series

In this video we will go over deleting and restoring items from Trash in Google Drive. Emptying trash will delete an item forever and only if you are the owner of the file. For more and latest... More

D.I.Y. - Dream Jar

Hey guys! So this is my first video upload. I found this DIY, and thought it was super cute, and wanted to make it by myself. Hope you'll like it! :-) Song: Paradise - Coldplay. More

How To Fix "Access Denied" Error In Command Prompt

In this video is show you how to fix the Access Denied error while executing commands through command prompt. This occurs because the user does not have permission on the cmd.exe file to allow... More

How to Read Excel File Java

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Apps to Check Out for Your New iPad

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How To Install Java on Android

Get F-Droid app at Then get the installer at More

Re-engineering everything with software with Daphne Koller, Founder / Coursera


How to Dust for Fingerprints

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How to Melt Old Candles to Make New Candles : Basic Candle Making

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DC Video Presentation Part I

Disk data extracting equipment built to extract data from failed hard drives. Get More: More

How to Create Your Windows 8.1 Install Disk/Media ~Easy, Free & Completely Legal Through Microsoft

+16GB Micro SD Card on Amazon: +64 GB Ultra Fast Micro SD(90MBPS Read/60MBps Write): More

Best Tips for Using the macOS Finder More Efficiently

In this video we're going to go through some of our top tips for using the MacOS Finder more efficiently. More info - More

Deleted photos recovery.#Kaise delete kiya hua photo wapas pasakte hai

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5 Useful 3D Touch Features for iPhone

In this video, we've highlighted some of the most useful and lesser known 3D Touch gestures for your iPhone. Read more - More

► How To See All File Types On Windows | Easy!

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