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ZFS Raid, performance and recovery

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How to install Linux Ubuntu server 16.04 with software RAID 5

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ubuntu 18.04 desktop RAID (mdadm) install tutorial part1/2

how to install Ubuntu desktop and use two disk Raid array P.S. follow next part or it will not boot up. More

Btrfs on Software RAID 5 (Ubuntu Server 16.10)

For production environments use ext4 instead of btrfs with the configuration in the video, unless you know what you do. More

How To Install CentOS 6 Software RAID & LVM

How to install CentOS 6 with software RAID & LVM configured, the guid is for RAID1 but this guide can easily be followed for RAID 0 as well. More

raid5 data recovery

raid5 data recovery. More

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Ubuntu Software Raid 1

Creating a Software Raid 1 , during installation of Ubuntu server. , Note this option is not available on the ubuntu Desktop Version. More

How To Set Up A Hard Drive RAID In Open Media Vault

When setting up a software RAID on Open Media Vault, it's required to have at least three hard drives (or more) of roughly the same size, with ideally no partition ... More

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Data Recovery Tutorial - Getting started with DDRescue and TestDisk

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How to set up RAID array on both [UEFI mode] and [Legacy mode]

This video will show you how to create RAID array on both [UEFI mode] and [Legacy mode] mode. FAQ: More

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Post-Build BIOS, RAID, and OS Configuration Procedures

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Recovering zfs pool after OS reinstall

Adding pool back from disks after the zpool import shows nothing. If like me you forget to do an export of the zfs pool before reinstalling your OS. You'll be happy ... More

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RAID 5 Configuration On Red Hat Linux 6 [NO AUDIO][RAW]

Note: No-Audio; Non-edited; you are free to copy/edit/use for any purpose] Installing And Configuring RAID 5 ON Red Hat Linux 6, Fedora, CentOs 6. More

Ubuntu RAID using MDADM

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Installation Ubuntu : RAID1 + LVM

Comment créer un RAID 1 avec LVM lors de l'installation d'Ubuntu Server. More

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Setting up a server and setting up a BTRFS RAID 5

I make a server from old parts and then setup btrfs raid 5 storage on it for redundant storage with checksums. More