Ultimate Windows Recovery USB

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Ultimate Windows Recovery USB If you are in the PC Repair business, having the right tools is essential to doing the computer repair correctly and efficiently. I will show you how to create the Ultimate Multiboot Windows Recovery USB. I will be using all versions of MSDart - Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset. I be using all versions from Windows XP, 2000, Server, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 with both 32bit and 64 bit versions. You can access all your favorite tools like * Debugging Tools * Crash Analyzer * Registry Editor * Locksmith * File Restore * Disk Commander * Disk Wipe * Computer Management * Explorer * Solution Wizard * TCP/IP * Hotfix Uninstall * SFC Scan * Search * Standalone System Sweeper * Remote Connection * Help * System Restore These can help fix all your computer problem from BSOD Blue Screen of Death, corrupt or missing drivers, black screen of death, buggy windows update, forgotten windows password and much, much more. Need help with computer problems? join my forum for help and support http://www.briteccomputers.co.uk/forum


  1. I don't have a GFX-Boot file?
  2. Best video on how to use this tool i've seen so far. I wish you could make more on how to use the other features of the software.
  3. Hi sir Brian, I'm just going to ask you if what tool did you use to make your background for gfxmenu? All your video tutorials are great & reliable. You're the best sir, keep it up 👍
  4. where do you get your ISO's?
  5. Where is the TechNet Link?
  6. Hi, Love your videos, to downoad the iso images, can anyone signup to download them, Ive been building computers 30 years and this in my toolkit would be amazing asset....thanks
  7. can I use the windows 8.1 dart to repair 10?
  8. i really need a download link for these files please.
  9. Brian, can I contact you through a PM in your forum?

    Thank you.
  10. +Britec09 How many y vm's do you have
  11. it repeated....
  12. good to have it, thank you Brian..
  13. I am lost, I have a free Technet membership...I can not see where to get MSDart .iso's, infact i am reading where it states there is no MSDart files. I know MSDart is for the Pro IT Tech so I don't mind paying...I even searched on Technet costs for MSDart but no luck
  14. Good job!You are the best...
  15. Thanks Brian :-D
    Gotta love the bootice and rmprep, dam usefull.
    Question: Do you know if usb flash drives exist with a write protect switch?
    I know they were on older ones, i havnt seen on in bloody years.
  16. So i've got this problem on my computer:one time i was moving all my icons that were on the left,so i moved them to the right,next day i open my pc the icons are on the left side when i puted them on the right and i putted them again on the left,the another day i open my pc they are on the left again
  17. Britec, Great video but you Easy2boot makes it much easier then manually editing each menu file. with Easy2boot you just copy and paste the ISOS and they just run without issues.
  18. Brian wassup, is it safe to use the baidu antivirus or does it come with malware and should avoid it?
  19. Labas! Boleslov Bojarun kurciuju draugija geras eina lietuvas aciu Samsung
  20. Sup Brian. Do you have MiniTool recovery video? :D