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  1. This was very helpful and the first step in my process to recover files from my old computer that I can't boot up after the last update. Thank you!
  2. So good your YouTube video. I love you lot your YouTube video. I subscribe your YouTube channel just now please checking your YouTube channel.
  3. Thank you for this very clear and concise tutorial.
  4. Thanks for a super clear & concise informative video > Ds
  5. Great video. Thank you!
  6. 4.7 GB dvd will work? can’t find the answer in google..
  7. your voice is like JARVIS
  8. Explained very well and thanks
  9. thank you for the information
  10. thanks a bunch !!
  11. YOU ARE AWESOME. Screw PowerISO and MagicISO. I just wanted to make a simple boot disc. Thank you!!!
  12. Thanks for this.
  13. Super clear and blissfully music-free. Thanks.
  14. I'm glad this is still up. I'm having to use my wife's computer to create a repair disk for my own computer. Unfortunately, I made the choice to upgrade a while back to the "free" windows 10. Now I know why it was free. Every time they send down a "mandatory" upgrade, it nearly crashes my computer. this time, it finally did. So, thanks for this simple, informative video. I just hope I'm not down at Walmart buying a new emergency computer at midnight and throwing my existing hard drive into the new computer as a spare. Thanks.
  15. Excellent detailed tutorial for Win 10 Boot Repair Disc. Is this good for Generic Win 10 Boot/Repair or is it specific only for repairing the specific Win 10 computer on which it was created ?
    PS Like J Wiffen said especially nice without loud music and mumbling nonsense : )
  16. Can you tell me why this happen, Repair disc could not be created, the media speed incompatible with device, showing 0xCOAA020F, Thanks.
  17. Ahh With that voice and that accent - Be My Teacher! ^_^ Thanks for your service. I needed it.
  18. Concise, articulate and straight to the point! Excellent video - you have convinced me to subscribe. Well done!
  19. Thank you
  20. Ugh thank you so much for this video my son broke his laptop some how and it wont boot up this has been extremely helpful for me. Thank you thank you thank you!!!