Windows 10 - Creating a System Repair or Boot CD or DVD Disc

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Probably the single most important procedure you should carry out after installation of Windows 10, create a System Repair/Boot CD or DVD. Watch this video to learn how to create a system repair CD or DVD disc. System recovery options can help you repair Windows if a serious error occurs. To use system recovery options, you'll need a Windows installation disc or access to the recovery options provided by your computer manufacturer. If you don't have either of those choices, you can create a system repair disc to access system recovery options. A system repair disc is not able to install Windows 10, see my other video showing how to create USB Memory Stick with System Recovery Tools at : A video explaining how to create the mentioned Windows 10 System Image, a video showing this can be viewed here :


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  4. Hey there - little late to the party, but I had a question. I recently bought a new hard drive and don't want to buy a new copy of Windows 10 to have to install on it - To make the "BOOT" CD do I just click "Create a System Image" instead?
  5. Thank you for posting this. It's been several years since I've had to make a repair disc and this is my first experience with Windows 10.
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  7. This was very helpful and the first step in my process to recover files from my old computer that I can't boot up after the last update. Thank you!
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  12. 4.7 GB dvd will work? can’t find the answer in google..
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  20. I'm glad this is still up. I'm having to use my wife's computer to create a repair disk for my own computer. Unfortunately, I made the choice to upgrade a while back to the "free" windows 10. Now I know why it was free. Every time they send down a "mandatory" upgrade, it nearly crashes my computer. this time, it finally did. So, thanks for this simple, informative video. I just hope I'm not down at Walmart buying a new emergency computer at midnight and throwing my existing hard drive into the new computer as a spare. Thanks.