Windows 7 recovery DVD

Author: Lowell Vanderpool
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Using the powerful tools on the Windows 7 DVD


  1. This version good work updating version download here->
  2. hp's number is 0121 823 635
  3. try this if your recovery dvds are lost dvds
  4. when my little brother was on my dad's computer it said corrupt! deleted
  5. I have problem because when i stared my desktop computer its Ask Me WINDOWS MANGER BOOT so how do i solve thanks
  6. I have all of this but I don't have the DVD help?!?
  7. My computer isn't reading the disc?
  8. Hi, great vid.. Will the win7 startup repair feature fix a 'NTLDR is Missing Error' ?
  9. After clicking on Restore Point I noticed there was no Operating System to choose from, I clicked on Restore and the screen stays blue and does nothing. I restarted the computer and tried to browse for the drivers and still nada. Please help!!!!
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  11. same here...] Hp pavilion dv6 did you fixed that problem?
  12. ok so i just bought a new laptop, and it was showing the blue screen thing, so i did a system restore,and then installed windows 7 on it again. i did this twice, but now i cant get to the normal windows page, im getting the same page like on this video, with the big windows logo, and it wasnt like that before, and also i cant connect to the internet...pls help
  13. Thanks for these valuble information
  14. dont format your laptop if you forget the password add me for more info you can remove it easily trust me
  15. nooo
  16. i forgot administrator password !! recovery option will solve that problem if i could use it ??
  17. create a bootable memorystick containing windws. slot it into your pc. on start up u should see press .... for booot options. press the button (either esc or f12) and you should see a list of options. choose boot from usb and reinstall windows. or (my fav option.) install linux. : P
  18. try this. when starting up your loptop press f8 repeatedly. you should come to a screen with alot of options. if you donot turn off and try again. on the screen of options click last successful boot. this shud restore your laptop.
  19. This is my problem: I have a windows 7 hp laptop, for some reason, everytime I turn it on, I come on a screen saying, "Windows Error Recovery" the options are: 1) Launch Startup Repair (recommended) and 2) Start Windows Normally. I have tried both; the second option puts me back on the same screen, while the first one requires me to insert [my] windows installation disc and restart [my] computer... Status: OxcOOOOOOf... Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.