Windows 8 Bootable Recovery Partition

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Windows 8 Bootable Recovery Partition In this video I will show you how to set up a recovery partition in windows 8.1 so you can restore your operating system with a fresh install with a recovery partition, you can access this from the menu on boot up, this is not the best way to restore windows, its just one way, you wont need a copy of Windows DVD or USB or ISO to install Windows once setup. We will be a copy of Windows to set this up and EasyBCD Need help? computer support? check out my forum on


  1. I watched it again but I already made 1 few months ago.
    I want to make sure I'm doing the same right thing 😅
  2. i have a recovery parition.but only a wim file. i resized it so i could defrag it and now it wont boot. any advice. would easzybcd help?
  3. How do i get to that mode i didnt get the options
  4. Q ruim
  5. For my HP Pavilion G7, I just hit all the fkeys on start up and did a clean image reset, I copied all my files I wanted to keep to onedrive. I'm planning on turning this PC into a gaming PC and much of the software like the audio was completely corrupted so I'm hoping this will fix the problem.
  6. I put new hardisk my installing is very slow how
  7. is this bootable, even if windows is is not installed in the computer ??
  8. hey i wanna thank you soooooo much !! 3 days of looking on how to do stuff like this and your video is the only 100% legit one
  9. hi thereI followed all of your steps and I still have a proplem when I try to use the recovery from boot up it still says there is a partition still missing what other problems do I have shall I try it again maybe with a different windows 8.1
  10. Questions: can you delete the 450mb partition (it's between C & D), can you add a folder of system drivers to the new recovery somehow? It'd be great if only the drivers were there & not all the junkware from oems. Lastly, can the oem recovery be "relocated" to the end of the HDD?  Cheers from AU & thank you!
  11. isn't it easier to make bootable usb flash drive
  12. i wanted to run some scans outside of my OS to make sure my system wasn't infected , since my laptop wasn't shipped with a recovery disc/install disc i was told to access my recovery partitions that came default on my system, my question is how do i go about accessing these factory recovery partitions?
  13. How to make system recovery drive after installing drivers.
  14. My Dell System recovery partition got corrupted while i was creating drives by Ease Us. Could you please tell how to create once again using same space?
    Does Easy BCD(free version) works with Pro version of Windows?
  15. Thanks a ton.
  16. good and simple explaining, bravo :D
  17. Do you need the disk to do this because I don't see the Win81 section ?
  18. my computer does not have an optical drive. what should I do.
  19. John D (Villian 159) mentions that this IS a true recovery.  Sorry John but it isn't.  It is a clean Installation.  If it was a Recovery then you would have the appropriate drivers injected into the install media as well as any software that was required.  Just think about the Factory Default Recovery image that now sits on a hidden (usually) partition.  It contains all the drivers and crapware the company likes to burden you with and bloat your HDD. :-) 

    Britec09, good attempt with clear annunciation that was easily understandable and slow enough for most to follow. My only constructive criticism graphically is that your screen res was too big.  Oh so many portable devices now run a screen res of 1366 x 768 (me included) and it did make it slightly distracting.  Thanks. :-)