Recover Forgotten Windows Login Password with Lazesoft Recovery Suite

Author: Haig Dickson
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Windows Password Recovery How Reset Forgotten Windows Password this video will show you how to reset and Recover your windows login password if you lock yourself out of the computer with a software called Lazesoft Recovery Suite Download Lazesoft Recovery Suite Download Img Burn 1 Create ISO file on another computer with Lazesoft Recovery Suite 2 Use Img Burn to burn the ISO file to a Blank DVD RW 3 Insert the DVD into the computer you lockout of and boot off the DVD Learn how to Boot of DVD here 4 Use the Lazesoft Recovery Console to Reset Your Password 5 Restart the computer and boot into windows if done right you will not be ask to enter the password 6 Reset the Password in the control panel to something you can remember Thanks for Watching


  1. thaanks man
  2. 3:24 we will run the fuc...... lol
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  5. Dial the Windows Support Number 1-877-201-3822 anytime to get help by the experts
  6. time hi waste kiya he ata jata kuch ha nhe channel bna kr bath jate he
  7. FAILED TO OPEN WIM FILE, can anyone help me please?
  8. Now I'm on the menu but the cursor doesn't show up. There are two files on the screen 'Lazesoft file manager' and 'Lazesoft recovery suite' but I can't click on them. I tried pressing enter but it doesn't work. Please help!
  9. Thank you my Friend! Bravo!
  10. tnx bro.
  11. Its Working, Reset my Password
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  13. It is pronounced "sweet," not "soot."
  14. This doesn't work on an unlocked Administrator Microsoft Live Account, this is only for Administrator Local Account sir correct? image ->
  15. Thanks, it worked Great for me. Great Video and explanation of how to.
  16. hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about forgot login password for windows try Knewreck Password Reset Guide(just google it ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my m8 got excellent results with it.
  17. is there a need to connect the computer with forgoten password to an internet before using the lazesoft recovery suit?
  18. why you have windows 7 and 10 WTF???
  19. Hello i have a problem. I inserted the disc. When i opened lazy soft the first time everything worked but my mouse didnt click. but now my mouse works but lazysoft doesnt. Can you help me? When i start the pc i dont get to select lazysoft it just goes to my login automatic
  20. THANK YOU!! Thank you for this video and thank you for actually having a TOTALLY FREE fix!!